Dating Tips For Women On A First Date

The first date is always the most nerve racking at times, especially if you have been dating online and this will be the first time you meet. However, there are things you can do that can help you feel prepared and ready that I have called dating etiquette tips for a first date and five great ones are listed here.

My first dating etiquette tip for your first date is to be yourself. It is so hard to keep up a lie and why would you want to so be yourself and relax, he will love who you are and if he doesn’t he probably was not worth knowing anyway

My second tip is to be honest. Another thing it is hard to keep up with is a lie or a story you tell that is not true, they always come back and bite you plus you have to spend all your time remember what you said to make sure the story does not change. Why spend your energy in that way when being honest means there is nothing to remember because it is the truth and the story will always be told in the same way.

The third dating etiquette tip I want to offer is to look nice. Make an effort and dress well because appearance really is everything and it will help your confidence. Research has shown that when we wear clothes that make us look great it instantly boosts the way we feel about ourselves.

Fourth, have the money conversation as soon as you can so it is out of the way. I never assume everything will be paid for and am always happy to pay my half but to be honest I am a bit of an old fashioned kinda gal when it comes to this and I believe if a man asks me out he should pay. I always paid if I asked a man out. I found this article to be of interest here.

My next tip concerns your punctuality. Be on time. I remember being late for a first date once and while he was very forgiving I felt awful. I didn’t look up where I needed to go (I thought I knew already) and it turned out I was going in the opposite direction! Took me ages to get back on track. So I guess the other tip will be to check out where you are going and make sure you are clear on which direction to go!

Dating etiquette number six is to do your best not to make him feel as if he is on an interview or under arrest! Make conversation rather than throw a load of questions at him that make it sound as if you are giving him the third degree! At the beginning you will both have a number of questions to ask but blend it in with plenty of great conversation too.

My final tip for your first date is to go home once it is over. Kiss him on the cheek and go home! I don’t care how hot he looks or how horny you are have a little self respect and wait a while. I am definitely not a prude but I just believe that giving it all up on the first date leaves nothing to look forward to.

Dating etiquette is so important to remember when you start dating and it is always the small attention to detail and the little things that can mean so much. A date should be fun and a great night out and whilst you can not always guarantee that it will go that way being yourself, looking great (for you not just him), and engaging in great conversation will definitely help.