Using The Law of Attraction When Dating

There are many things we can do to bring a new relationship into our life. We can join an online dating site, we can actively go out and attend parties, single nights, clubs but all of that is “doing” – now thanks to recent publicity there is a way to bring to you the man you desire that focuses on your way of “being” it uses the natural laws of the universe that surrounds us and is commonly known as the Law of Attraction or LOA.

The Law of Attraction has been a source of great joy for some and a mountain of frustration for others. It is stated as simply as ask and you will receive but I prefer to describe it this way.

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What you desire with my mind, heart and emotions, express that desire to a higher power and focus intently on it every day while taking action to remove your limits and work towards what you desire. It will come to you!

Another important point to remember when using the Law of Attraction in dating and/or to find your dream man is you do not have to believe in this Law but actively disbelieving or taking part in doubt and fear will stop you from receiving it. So if you do not believe in the Law of Attraction then simply decide not to disbelieve!

I will repeat again. You do not need to believe. You just need to ensure you do not block your dream man coming into your life by actively disbelieving, engaging in doubt, worry, fear, desperation or any of those other negative emotions that block the flow.

One of the concepts central to the Law of Attraction is that your thoughts become reality. The things you think are energy, just as the entire universe is energy. As you ponder your reality, or simply let thoughts run through your mind, you are shaping your reality. You do this by means of the Law of Attraction. The energy you send out collects with like energy. Then, the universe responds to your feelings by returning the energy back to you. This happens for good or bad feelings.

So if you keep repeating things like

“There are no good men left”
“I can never find a man that wants to commit”
“Men always use me and leave me”
“Why do I always attract married men”

You will get more of what it is that you are complaining about, worrying about, saying, thinking and/or feeling. Many people feel that their lives can be no more than difficult work situations, unhappy relationships, poor health, and a mountain of debt. Unless their thoughts and attitudes change they can never know the abundance they can get through the Law of Attraction. See this Nature article for more.

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To begin changing your thoughts you need to monitor what you think, which isn’t an easy goal when you think about all the thoughts running through your mind every minute! But the goal is not to monitor every thought but instead to foster a feeling of happiness, gratitude, and well-being. This will go further than trying to change every thought individually. Feelings are very important to the Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction is a paradox in that it is both simple and complex. Simple because you only need to ask for what you desire and expect it to show up. Complex in the fact that you may have limitations blocking you from receiving that will hinder your results. Also if you do not get what you desire you immediately blame the Law as not working and begin to doubt it’s ability to give you what you want. When you think that way you set up the very thing you think about (LOA doesn’t work) and so a cycle begins.

When it comes to using the Law of Attracting when dating and/or to find your dream man trust plays a large part in ensuring your dream man walks into your life – probably when you least expect it!