Njoy Pure Wand Review: The Magic of Stainless Steel

If you’re in the market for a solid sex toy that is simple to operate, and you’re sick of coming too fast with standard vibrators, the Njoy Pure Wand might be right for you. But as a toy, it’s on the pricey side.

Note: If you buy the genuine wand, as opposed to a cheap knock-off, it will often go for over $120. However, there are two options for getting it cheaper. You can get the official wand from GoodVibes.com at $110. This matches the cheapest price we’ve seen for the official wand sold by reputable online retailers. You can also purchase the wand through Amazon. It is significantly cheaper here, however there’s no guarantee this is the official genuine thing (although it seems to be sold by Njoy itself, we haven’t verified that this is the actual manufacturer selling the product).

Is it worth paying more for a plain stainless-steel toy? Let’s find out.


The Njoy Pure Wand is simply constructed metal wand. Here are the basic specs:

Njoy Pure Wand Dimensions and Specs

  • End to end length: 7.5 inches. If you measure it to include the curve, it comes in at a total of 9.5 inches. What surprised us most when we looked at it was the size. We’re used to more compact toys.
  • The smallest ball is 1 inch in diameter
  • The largest ball is 1.5 inches in diameter
  • It weighs 1.5 pounds in total. It does feel solid in your hands.
  • It is made of pure surgical grade stainless steel
  • Completely phthalate-free
  • Completely manual in operation so no need for batteries or charging
  • No shelf-life. This will be around for a long time – there are no moving parts to have to replace and, short of you scuffing it up on concrete, it’s difficult to mark up the surface

How to use it

It’s pretty simple – lube it up – you can use any lube you like. Then you just open up your legs, and insert the smaller end  of the Njoy Pure Wand to start off with. You can change things up later and try using the larger ball instead. Just see what feels best for you.

I’d advise that you start off in the basic missionary position – on your back with your legs spread out and knees bent up and get used to positioning the toy.

The idea is to rock it so that the ball on the end of the Njoy Pure Wand so that it ends up rubbing against your G-spot. It might take a little practice initially to get the rocking motion exactly right, but it won’t take that long to get the hang of it.

You’ll know when you’ve hit the right spot, believe me, you’ll know. Then all you need to do is to hold the end of the Njoy Pure Wand  and move it to and fro so that the motion runs parallel to your body. Just carry on until you reach a climax.

The Njoy Pure Wand can be inserted vaginally or rectally and can be used solo or with a partner. Do play around with different positions, and get a friend to play along to double the fun.

If you’re playing with a friend, there are even more options when it comes to positions to use, so do consider sharing the fun. If you are planning to switch between anal and vaginal applications in the same session, it’s important to sanitize it properly in between.

This can be done by dropping it into hot, soapy water. You’ll need to cool it off a little before using it again, but this is minor. You’ll need to rinse it off in clean water anyway so that will help.

Because this is operated by hand, do set aside a decent amount of time to come to a climax. This is more of a marathon than a sprint. My big gripe when it comes to other toys such as clitoral stimulators is that the motorized effect is often so powerful that you climax too fast.

Sometimes you want to take the slightly longer, more relaxed route. This is perfect for those times.

If you’re looking for a great video walk-through of the toy, along with how to use it, here is a great video walk-through from Sunny Megatron:

How it feels

Most toys are made out of plastic or silicone. These materials tend to feel warmer against the skin. The stainless steel is different because it can feel cool to cold against the skin. This makes it slightly less comfy when you initially put it in, but it will warm up pretty quickly.

The advantage of the stainless steel here is that you can play around with the temperature a bit. Put it in warm water so that it feels warm when you put it in. Keep in mind that the steel can retain a lot of heat, and can scald you if you’re not careful.

Since that’s not somewhere that you want burns, use lukewarm water at around about body temperature, but not much warmer than that. Warmer makes things more comfortable. Cooling the steel before inserting it can heighten the sensations.

Why not try cooling the Njoy Pure Wand off before using it? Varying the temperature can add an extra dimension to this toy. Keep a cup of ice water on hand and let the wand soak in it for about ten minutes before you want to use it.

Or, why not try putting one half in cold water and leaving the other half out? That way, both ends will be different temperatures to one another.

Depending on where you are inserting it, each bulb at the end creates a different feeling. I’d advise that you use the smaller end of the Njoy Pure Wand if you’re using it rectally. That’s likely to be more comfortable, at least at first.

For men, the larger end will create more pressure on the prostate. So, it might be a little more difficult to insert, but the feeling should be more intense. For women, the larger end also creates more of a feeling of fullness in the same kind of way.

Some users do prefer using the smaller end as the handle, as they find that it is easier to maneuver the wand using the lighter end. You’ll need to try it out and see for yourself what works for you.


  • It’s simple to operate – you don’t need to read a manual or be a rocket scientist
  • It’s solid and a decent weight. This gives it plenty of heft, without it becoming too heavy to be practical for longer sessions.
  • The curved shape makes it easier to hit the G-spot and focus on it. It was originally designed as a prostate tool – to apply pressure on the prostate wall. The curved shape, combined with the rocking motion, also make for amazing clit stimulation.
  • At 7.5 inches in length, you get a lot of play on the haft. This makes getting the right position when you’re on your own a whole lot easier.
  • You don’t need batteries. The Njoy Pure Wand is entirely manual. This means never having to worry about dying batteries again or charging it up again. It’s always ready to go whenever you are.
  • It can be used by either men or women. It can be inserted into the rectum or the vagina, or both. (You’ll just need to sanitize it properly between applications, especially if it is being inserted rectally first.)
  • Stainless steel is more sanitary as you can heat it up to high heat. Dropping it in a tub of boiling, soapy water after you’re done will completely sterilize it. Just leave it to cool in the water overnight, preferably. Don’t use abrasive cleaners and rinse thoroughly to get rid of residue.
  • You can play around with different temperatures with the Njoy Pure Wand and see how that affects the sensations that you feel.
  • Can be submerged in water because stainless steel doesn’t rust
  • Can be used with lubes of any sort. Choose coconut oil, silicone, or water-based lubes – nothing will react with the metal.
  • It’s a one-off purchase. There are no bits that will wear out, and good luck ever breaking it. Short of dropping a house on it, there are not all that many ways to crush it. Do keep it in a soft pouch, though, to prevent it from being scratched. Otherwise, it’s going to last for ages.
  • It’s completely quiet so you don’t have to worry about someone in the next room being able to hear what you are up to.


  • You have to use your hands. If you don’t hold the Njoy Pure Wand in position, the weight pulls it down, so you’re not going to keep it in the right place.
  • It’s a fairly tame toy – there’s no buzzing or vibrating, etc. This does make it a little one-dimensional.
  • It’s not all that adaptable. If you’re used to toys that you can adjust the settings for, the Njoy Pure Wand might not offer as much stimulation as you’d hoped for.
  • It’s not really the most discreet toy. If you leave it lying around, you’re not going to be able to pass it off as a thermometer, for example.

Final thoughts                      

Get one of these babies, lube it up and get to have some fun.

As stated above, there are two options we think are worth exploring in terms of buying this particular toy. To get the guaranteed, genuine thing, go with a reputable retailer here. Or, to test if the cheaper alternative will work for you, check this out on Amazon (we haven’t tested the Amazon version so can’t speak to its quality, but the real thing is great).

It’s a bit of money to pay, I’ll admit, but it’s well worth it. If you look after the Njoy Pure Wand properly, it’s going to last a good few lifetimes. Who knows, one day the grandkids might even be digging around in the attic and come across it.

Okay, so it’s maybe not the stuff that family heirlooms are made out of, but you get where I’m coming (pun intended) from. It’s solid surgical grade stainless steel. That means it can withstand being autoclaved over and over again. It’s built to last.