Satisfyer Pro 2 Review

Satisfyer Pro 2 Review – Every Woman’s Dream Come True?

A clit sucking vibrator. It’s every woman’s dream and exactly what the Satisfyer Pro 2 claims to be. But is this sex toy as good as is claimed? Does the  Satisfyer Pro 2 deliver a ground-shattering performance, or is it a little on the mediocre side?

Is the Satisfyer Pro 2 the last vibrator you’ll ever need? Or should you be considering other vibrators instead? In this Satisfyer Pro 2 review, I’ll aim to answer that question, so sit back, relax and let’s find out.

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Material and Care

To start off with, I do like the 365-day money-back promise and the ten-year guarantee. When I was first checking the Satisfyer Pro 2 I felt that the price was good, but worried that the lower price meant that cheaper materials were used during construction. The guarantee put my mind at ease.

To start off with, the body of the Satisfyer Pro 2 is rose gold in color, completely waterproof, and is easy to clean and care for. The body of the Satisfyer Pro 2 can be completely submerged in water and so can be used in the bath.

To clean the body of the Satisfyer Pro 2, all you need is some warm, soapy water. It should not be submerged in boiling water, or left to soak in water overnight, though.

It’s the clitoral stimulator head that really sets the Satisfyer Pro 2 apart, though. It’s made from silicone, nicely rounded to create a firm seal, and removable. Cleaning it off is simple – just remove the head and clean using hot, soapy water.

The silicone tip of the Satisfyer Pro 2 can be placed in boiling water if you feel that it is necessary. The heads are available in two shapes – one deeper and the other more rounded in shape. You can buy replacement heads and replace the original when you feel it’s necessary.

The entire unit is easy enough to clean.

The battery in the newest model is fully integrated into the body and recharged by means of a USB magnetic charging cable. This is simply an upgrade on your standard USB charger. The cord is plugged into the power source.

The receiver then just attaches magnetically to the and is therefore charged essentially wirelessly. The point is that there are no open charging ports on the Satisfyer Pro 2 so you don’t have to be concerned about ports getting wet and shorting out.

Overall, the design is pretty good. Its shape makes it easy to get a grip on and it’s small enough to be easy to maneuver. The handle is long enough to allow you plenty of reach so that you can stay comfy during each session.

The latest model runs more quietly than its predecessor, and, once you get the right seal, you will barely even hear it anymore.

Using the vibrator


It’s pretty simple to use. You have eleven different speed settings that you can use, so I’d recommend starting out at the lowest setting and seeing if that works for you. Be warned, the upper settings are extremely intense, so work your way up to them.

I would have liked a slower first setting, but that was not to be. If you’ve never used one of these before, you’re in for a completely different sensation. You’ll have to practice a little to find the exact right spot. The nozzle should be positioned so that your clit is enclosed.

Once you have it in the right position, and the seal has been made, you won’t have to move it again. You can then switch it on and enjoy. Turning it on is simple – you just hold the button down until it springs to life.

When you’re finished, just switch it off by holding the button down until it switches off.

The sensation is like someone sucking at your clit. It’s hard to describe exactly, but the suction is what gets the juices flowing, so to speak. If you want the sensation to be as realistic as possible, I advise lubing up properly beforehand.

When you’re done, just clean the Satisfyer Pro 2 off using warm, soapy water. Rinse and then set aside to dry. Do store it in your bedside table so that you can easily get to it those nights when you feel as though you need a little action.

Don’t just stick to using it on your clit, though. It also provides a pleasurable sucking sensation that works really well on the nipples too.

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Satisfyer Pro 2 Original Vs. Next Generation

There are not a lot of notable differences between the two models. The design has been improved and is better aesthetically. It was always a good shape, but has now become even more ergonomically svelte. They’ve done away with the LED light as well.

The company has started to put branding on it. Which is good, because if your gran accidentally stumbles onto it, you can tell her it’s a thermometer. Unless she goes and looks up the name, she’s not going to be any the wiser.

So there’s not much difference between the Satisfyer Pro 2 Original and the next generation aesthetically. The newer model is a lot quieter than the old one, and that’s a huge plus. With the older model, you had to worry about your flatmates hearing the rumble.

Now you don’t have to worry that everyone is going to be able to hear what you’re up to. The only sounds coming out of your room will be your own grunts and  groans as you cum.

The other significant difference between this and the previous versions is that they have created lower settings as well. This is a vast improvement on the old one if you like to build up to your orgasm more slowly, and enjoy the overall experience for longer.


  • It’s a very popular design and offers a very different sensation to a vibrator that relies on manual stimulation. This is closer to the sensation you get when your boyfriend goes down on you.
  • There’s no question that it works.
  • It’s entirely waterproof so it can be used in the bath.
  • The tip can be removed to clean it and replaced as necessary. You can choose between two different head attachments.
  • Safe for use against sensitive skin.
  • The battery life is good.
  • Could pass as a thermometer if you’ve left it out in the open accidentally.
  • Comes in at a really good price.
  • 365-day money-back promise – if you don’t like it, you can return it and get your money back so it’s risk-free to try out.
  • It has a ten-year guarantee. Honestly, that seems like a really long time to me. You’ll probably want to switch it out for a more advanced model down the road, but it’s nice to know that the company is so confident about the abilities of the product.


  • It’s not the best-looking option – it looks a little dorky compared to some of the others on the market. But, let’s face it, you’re not using it because it looks good – you want it because it works well.
  • The upper settings are perhaps a step too far. They’re pretty intense and can border on painful.
  • It sometimes works too well. Sometimes you’d just like to enjoy the actual process. This will make you cum pretty fast.
  • Some users have likened the sensation to that of being nibbled by fish. That’s cool if you’re sloughing dead skin off your feet, but might be too much if you have an oversensitive clit.

Final Thoughts

Overall, this model offers pretty good value for money, reliable results, and convenience. Is it the best on the market? That’s going to depend on how you like the sensation it creates. It might take a little getting used to, but it’s bound to bring anyone to orgasm.

It’s not the cutest design, but that’s not really all that important. More important is that it fits nicely in hand and is easy to change the settings on. You can use it in the bath or shower, and that’s a big pro.

Another plus is that it’s so easy to clean. You can remove the silicone tip and clean it thoroughly, so there are no worries there.

It’s priced lower than many of its competitors but it isn’t cheaply made. The ten-year guarantee quells any concerns you might have in that area.

Getting the right seal on the clit might be tough initially, but you’ll soon become a pro in this area. In terms of battery life, this model is hard to beat. Charging is also easily accomplished by using the magnetic USB charger.

Overall, this model gets a big thumbs up. I’d advise you to consider ordering an extra pack of tips when you do put your order in. This isn’t essential, but is useful if you’ve got the tip off and lost track of it.

Would I recommend this product? Most definitely. It comes in at a great price (especially from, and offers a solid performance. What more do you want?